Online Searchable Database for Proposition 39 Projects is Available

Schools have been reducing energy use and saving money through the California Energy Commission’s Proposition 39 K-12 program and the California Community College Proposition 39 program for two years.

Thanks to a new online searchable database, anyone with internet access can easily identify K-12 school and community college district project information.

The tool, which launched in June, allows the public to see the benefits from Proposition 39 grants for projects in K-12 schools and community college districts. Results are shown by site, rather than by school district. The results show items such as project approval and completion dates, estimated costs, and average annual electric and natural gas savings.

The database is searchable by school or site name, city, and Assembly and Senate district. Data are updated daily for the K-12 schools and quarterly for the community college districts.

Since 2014, California's K-12 schools and community colleges have been able to apply for millions of dollars for energy efficiency upgrades and clean energy generation projects through Proposition 39, a 2012 voter-approved initiative to close a corporate tax loophole.

Hundreds of K-12 school districts and community college districts have applied to finance thousands of projects. The most popular projects include lighting, heating and air conditioning upgrades. Districts have also used the funds to install solar energy systems.

The database can be found at the Energy Commission's Proposition 39 K-12 program web page or at the database link.

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