New Report Finds California Home to Clean-Energy Advances

California is leading the nation when it comes to developing a clean-energy economy and promoting green technology, according to a new report, the California Green Innovations Index.

Carbon emissions per capita have steadily declined since the early 2000s, while the state’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita continues to make strides.

“The California Green Innovations Index again shows the Golden State is leading by example,” said California Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller. “Our goal is to significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrate to the world how it can be done on a global scale.”

The report, from Next 10, is the latest edition of the Green Innovation Index. It found that Fresno is the number one region for generating the most industrial-scale solar energy. San Bernardino/Ontario is top in residential and commercial solar power. On a per-capita basis, Hanford-Corcoran boasts the most commercial and industrial solar energy. Yuba City and Chico rank one and two for residential solar energy.

Next 10 is an independent, nonpartisan organization focused on innovations regarding the environment, economy and quality of life issues.

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