CEC Unveils New Interactive Tool Showing Electric Car Sales and Charger Counts in California

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has released a new interactive tool  that provides the latest statistics on zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) sales and charger counts in the state and by county.  

Developed in collaboration with the California Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Air Resources Board, the data visualization dashboard can be used to monitor and track progress toward state goals including 250,000  chargers installed by 2025, 5 million electric cars on California roads by 2030, and phasing out the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. 

ZEV refers to electric cars including battery-electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel cell electric. 

“As California continues to lead on transportation electrification, it's important that we're transparent with the data and using it to make informed decisions ,” said CEC Commissioner Patty Monahan. “This exciting new tool allows us and others to dive deep to better understand the levels of ZEV adoption in the state and identify where future investments are needed most.”  

Among the valuable information that the CEC’s dashboard displays are: 

  • ·     Vehicle on-road population

  • ·     ZEV annual and cumulative sales

  • ·    Public and shared-private EV charger counts​


As the state’s lead agency on energy data, this new dashboard is a part of a larger CEC effort  focused on reimagining and modernizing the way data is collected, analyzed and made publicly accessible,said Siva Gunda, deputy director of the Energy Assessments Division The commissioners were revved up with excitement, praising the new tool and its ability to streamline information to help make informed decisions quickly and effectively.  

“It’s a great resource and it reflects the fact that we have access to all this wonderful data that really allows the Energy Commission, whether it’s through this tool or independently with raw data, to do analysis that informs our recommendations on policy and our insights about where the state needs to go,” said Commissioner Andrew McAllister.Click the link to see the portal in action.

CEC is also teaming up with Veloz to deliver quarterly electric car sales data to support Veloz’s sales dashboard, which displays information about California electric car sales, national electric car sales, electric car chargers, hydrogen stations, and the electric makes and models available statewide.  

Veloz’s mission is to increase electric car awareness, consideration and acceptance through the Electric For All campaign.   

Cumulative California electric car sales have grown exponentially since 2010, as have the refueling networks that support them. The new sales dashboard underscores growing consumer uptake of electric cars and the increased sales trajectory of zero-emissions personal transportation. 

The ZEV sales and charger dashboards will be updated quarterly, with the next one scheduled for the end of October. The tool will evolve based on input and user feedback, Gunda said. 

Visit to access the dashboard. 

Visit to find the electric car that is right for you. The ZIP code-based lookup features  include purchase incentives, certified local dealers, electric utility rates, and a menu of available electric makes and models. 


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