Symposium Highlights EPIC Grant to Bring ZNE to Low-Income Housing Project

The California Energy Commission holds its 2016 EPIC Symposium Dec. 1 and invites you to learn about innovative energy projects including one that aims to turn an existing low-income housing unit into the nation’s first-ever zero net energy (ZNE) retrofit.

Each year, the Energy Commission awards more than $120 million in grants through the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program for innovative projects that bring clean energy ideas to market and that benefit the ratepayers of the three largest electric investor-owned utilities in the state.

Many of those grants support projects designed to improve communities such as a $3 million award to San Jose-based Prospect Silicon Valley earlier this year to demonstrate the nation’s first ZNE retrofit of existing low-income mixed-use housing.

Low-income multi-family housing was selected because it represents a substantial opportunity for energy conservation and consumer savings. But it can also present special challenges including significant labor and capital costs, building conditions and occupant behavior.

Prospect Silicon Valley’s demonstration will be in a building in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. Cost-effective windows, advanced LED lighting and heating, ventilation and air conditioning and systems that provide high performance at a reasonable cost and require minimal adjustment for occupants will be installed. Several design firms and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory are collaborating on the project.

For more about this and other projects, attend the 2016 EPIC Symposium Dec. 1 in Sacramento or participate online by registering at the EPIC Eventbrite page. The event is free and open to the public.

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