Energy Commission Holding Microgrid Roadmap Workshop in Los Angeles

The California Energy Commission’s microgrid roadmap roadshow continues July 26 with a public workshop in Los Angeles. This is the fourth in a series of five workshops being held throughout the state to help map out ways to speed the adoption of the technology.

Microgrids are small-scale electrical systems that provide and manage power independent of the larger electric grid. They can support facilities with critical energy needs like hospitals, industrial complexes or university campuses. Many use solar panels to generate electricity and batteries and other technologies to store energy.

There are more than 120 microgrid projects either completed, planned or in development in the state including systems at the Santa Rita Jail, the Kaiser Medical Center in Richmond, and at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

The technology is prized because it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, supports grid reliability and facilitates higher levels of renewable energy integration. But its deployment has been slow because of cost, regulatory issues and other factors.

During the workshop, the Energy Commission, along with representatives from the California Public Utilities Commission and the California Independent System Operator, will discuss how stakeholders including utilities, microgrid owners and manufacturers can address those barriers.

The workshop begins at 9:30 a.m. in the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel. More information, including instruction for participating remotely, is in the public notice.

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The California Energy Commission is the state's primary energy policy and planning agency created by the Legislature in 1974.
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