Workshops Examine Future R&D Funding for Disadvantaged Communities

The California Energy Commission will hold public workshops March 20 in Fresno and March 27 in Los Angeles to discuss future clean energy research and development funding initiatives to meet the needs of disadvantaged and low-income communities.

The workshops will allow residents in disadvantaged and low-income communities to discuss and provide feedback on clean energy research and development products, strategies and applications that can help meet their needs.

The Energy Commission is committed to increasing diversity in energy sector funding opportunities. Information gathered during the workshops will be incorporated where possible into its Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) 2018–2020 Triennial Investment Plan, which lays out its strategy for administering EPIC program funds.

The Energy Commission invests about $120 million a year through EPIC to help bring new clean energy ideas to fruition by supporting researchers developing the next generation of innovations. Some of these emerging technologies are already in use by early adopters and are being tested in homes and businesses.

Workshop attendees will receive an overview of state initiatives that support community equity, details on the Energy Commission’s diversity outreach efforts, information on community-driven energy research needs and details on how to apply for funding opportunities. A networking session will be held after the workshops to give community members and researchers an opportunity to connect.

EPIC was created by the California Public Utilities Commission in 2011and is administered by the Energy Commission. Funds come from rates charged to Pacific Gas and Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric and Southern California Edison customers.

Details for participating in the March 20 workshop or the March 27 workshop are in the public notices.

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