Subnational Governments to Focus on Advancing Clean Energy

Building on the momentum from the climate agreement in Paris, subnational governments are gathering for the first Subnational-Clean Energy Ministerial (Sub-CEM) on June 1 and 2.

Sub-CEM is open to minister-level representatives from subnational jurisdictions such as cities, states, provinces and regions that have signed or endorsed the Under 2 MOU. The Under 2 MOU is an agreement by subnational jurisdictions to limit the increase in global average temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius, the warming threshold at which scientists say there will likely be catastrophic climate disruptions.

During Sub-CEM, attendees will listen to keynote speeches and participate in roundtable discussions. These discussions will focus on subnational efforts to develop renewable energy resources, policy strategies and actions to encourage the efficient use of energy in buildings and industry, policies to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, and coordination among the Under 2 MOU members.

The Sub-CEM gathering will occur alongside the seventh Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), an annual meeting of national energy ministers and other delegates from CEM member countries and the European Commission.

Both Sub-CEM and CEM build on the momentum from commitments made last year at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris and in the Under 2 MOU to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Under 2 MOU originated in 2015 from a partnership between California and Baden-Württemberg, Germany. While California emits around 1 percent of the world's greenhouse gases, the state is playing a leading role in broadening collaboration among subnational leaders and taking action to reduce emissions worldwide.

The gatherings provide the opportunity for attendees to exchange information and collaborate on solutions that advance clean energy on a global scale and demonstrate follow-up actions.

More information about Sub-CEM, including an agenda of events, can be found here.

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