U.S. Army Platoons with Energy Commission on Clean Energy Strategy

The California Energy Commission has begun discussions with the U.S. Army’s Office of Energy Initiatives about the Energy Commission’s work with microgrid and energy storage technologies.

The Army is considering installing a microgrid system for its facilities in the Los Angeles area. Army officials are interested in learning more about the Energy Commission’s research into the technology and lessons learned from microgrid and storage projects funded through the Energy Commission.

A microgrid is a small-scale power grid that can provide and manage power independently of the larger power grid, supporting facilities with critical energy needs like military installations, industrial complexes or a university campus. Many incorporate clean energy resources such as solar photovoltaic installations and the ability to store energy using batteries and other technologies.

The microgrid at the Santa Rita Jail is an example of a successful clean energy project funded by the Energy Commission.
“The Army’s interest in microgrid and energy storage technology is driven by its need for safe and reliable electric service to meet mission objectives and maintain global readiness,” said Energy Commission Chair Robert Weisenmiller. “They understand that by partnering and leveraging the Energy Commission’s expertise, they can more effectively and efficiently transition their installations and facilities to clean energy technologies.”

The Army is also interested in the Energy Commission's Electric Program Investment Charge program, which funds innovative clean energy technologies and approaches. Army officials plan to reach out to clean tech industries in the state to look into partnering on EPIC funding opportunities.

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