Schools Go Green Saving Money and Energy

In the face of growing pressure to make budgets stretch to cover more services, schools are looking to reduce costs. Slashing energy and water use can be a significant savings that can guide much needed resources to underfunded classrooms. Last week’s Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit and Expo consisted of sessions for school officials, contractors and consultants to learn and understand about technologies and services that can play a critical role in planning, design and execution of green projects in schools.

The state’s initiative to help schools with energy efficiency, voter approved Proposition 39, reallocates funding to our children by closing a tax loophole that rewarded businesses for moving jobs out of the state. Recognizing that schools can benefit in so many ways from this funding, a specialty track at the summit focused on Proposition 39. The California Energy Commission and the Division of the State Architect presented program accomplishments, new program features and potential revisions to the Guidelines. In the presentation, Energy Commission staff announced the launch of a new reporting system. Participating K-12 schools can now use the online system to both apply for funds and report yearly progress and project completion metrics. As part of the report, schools will provide energy use, savings and costs. Instructions, a recorded training and a PowerPoint presentation are available on the Energy Commission’s Proposition 39 (K-12) webpage.

Additional questions may be directed to, or the Proposition 39 (K-12) Hotline toll-free at 855-380-8722, or for those out-of-state at 916-653-0392.

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