Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan



The California Energy Commission adopted a roadmap to reach Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s goal to double building efficiency savings in California by 2030. The roadmap, called the Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan, is designed to achieve greenhouse gas reduction goals, and will help consumers save money and enjoy more comfortable homes through energy efficiency.

Commercial and residential buildings account for nearly 70 percent of California’s electricity consumption and 55 percent of its natural gas consumption. California has approximately 600,000 commercial buildings, 9 million single-family homes and 4 million multi-family units.

The Action Plan provides a comprehensive framework centered on five goals, each with a series of strategies for achievement. Implementation of the Action Plan is expected to accelerate growth of energy efficiency markets, more effectively target and deliver building upgrade services, improve quality of occupant and investor decisions, and vastly improve the performance of California’s existing buildings.

Watch Commissioner Andrew McAllister speak about the Action Plan in both English and Spanish above.

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