City of Burbank Pioneers Curbside Electric Vehicle Chargers in California

The City of Burbank has installed the first municipal curbside electric vehicle chargers in California, and possibly the nation. Eight level 2 electric vehicle charging stations were dedicated last week along curbs in front of a library, a very popular shopping area and along other busy thoroughfares. The California Energy Commission contributed nearly $164,000 toward the project with matching funds from the City of Burbank.

“This project not only expands the city’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure by offering charging that is publicly available 24-7, it also is one of the first projects we are aware of to install charging stations curbside, where drivers can readily see and easily access the stations,” said Janea A. Scott, lead commissioner on transportation for the Energy Commission.

Brian Fauble, the Energy Commission’s manager of the project, said the chargers are already getting more use in their first month of operation than chargers from other Energy Commission-funded projects. Greenlots, which installed and operates the chargers, has a free Internet application to let drivers know which chargers are in use or available at any moment.

The chargers will help California reach its goal of providing infrastructure to support 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on roads by 2025, creating healthier air for our communities.

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