California Joins Alliance to Speed Transition to Zero-Emission Vehicles

California is joining with 10 European and North American governments as founding partners of a new international alliance to accelerate the world’s adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

Members of the International ZEV Alliance will collaborate on ambitious targets to get more zero-emission vehicles on roads, share data and best practices and encourage other governments to join them. The founding members were announced today at a signing event at the Quebec government office in New York.

The International Council on Clean Transportation estimates the one millionth plug-in electric vehicle will drive the world’s roads this month, but electric vehicle growth will have to ramp up significantly to achieve long-term climate goals. This is where the International ZEV alliance will step in.

“These collaborations and partnerships are essential to creating global markets for zero emission vehicles and to achieving our ambitious climate goals,” said California Energy Commissioner Janea A. Scott, who participated in the organizing of the International ZEV Alliance.

The California Energy Commission is committed to transitioning to alternative and renewable fuels and vehicles. It has invested $38.3 million in electric vehicle support, including 7,754 chargers. It has also invested $80.4 million for 54 hydrogen refueling stations to support zero-emission fuel-cell cars. Several stations have opened and others are anticipated to open by next year.

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California Energy Commission

The California Energy Commission is the state's primary energy policy and planning agency created by the Legislature in 1974.
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