Santa Ana Unified School District Puts Proposition 39 Funds to Good Use

 It’s not every day that a crane pulls up to your school and gently drops in place a brand new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, but it happened for three schools in the Santa Ana Unified School District through funding from Proposition 39, an initiative California voters approved in 2012 that closed a tax loophole and had rewarded businesses for moving jobs out of state.

Now those tax dollars are being invested in our children, our schools and our environment. Proposition 39 funds helped improve the learning environment at schools across the Santa Ana Unified School District.

After conducting a planning, construction and design assessment, the district applied for, and received more than $1.6 million in Proposition 39 funding for fiscal year 2013-14 through the California Energy Commission. The energy-related school improvements included HVAC systems, controls, and programmable thermostats at Harvey Elementary, Monte Vista Elementary and Kennedy Elementary. The Santa Ana Unified School District received an additional $2.3 million for fiscal year 2014-15 for energy projects at 10 schools.

To see the list of approved energy expenditure plans by district, visit the Energy Commission’s Proposition 39 webpage and click on Energy Expenditure Plan list.

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