Hyundai the First to Launch Consumer Line of Hydrogen Electric Fuel Cell Vehicles, in Southern California

In two more California firsts, a family in Southern California picked up the keys yesterday to their new hydrogen-fueled Hyundai Tucson. The Bush family was the first to buy a mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCV) and Hyundai is the first automaker to launch a consumer fleet.

Tustin Hyundai dealership hands the keys to the first family to drive the new FCV Tucson

Like other electric vehicles, FCVs are zero-emission. FCVs can go further – 250-300 miles -- on a “tank” and come in bigger models, such as Tucson SUVs, but they require fueling stations.

With transportation accounting for 40 percent of California’s carbon emissions, creating a range of consumer choices is an important part of greening the transportation fleet in order to meet California’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Commissioner
Janea A. Scott
The Energy Commission and the Air Resources Board are working together to build a network of 100 hydrogen fueling stations throughout California. A number of these will be found in regular gas stations so more families like the Bushes can easily refuel their vehicles.

The Energy Commission also recently announced $50 million in awards to build 28 new stations. The investments will help build 28 new stations and one mobile refueler, bringing the number of publicly available stations to 54.

Congratulations to Hyundai and the Bush family for being first out of the gate with this next-generation vehicle that will help California improve its air quality and continue setting an example for others to follow.

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